• Traditional Services

    Our range of actuarial services are outlined in the services section and typically apply actuarial control cycle

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  • Investment Management

    We offer independent investment advisory services to insurance and pension institutions that deliver value.

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  • Risk Management

    We provide risk management advisory services, from design to implementation and monitoring. This involves quantitative risk modelling and enterprise risk management support work under an own risk solvency assesment.

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  • Accident and Compensation

    Accidents are an unfortunate feature of the modern world. Many of these accidents result in loss of income for an individual, or loss of support for a family, resulting in a claim against Schemes such as the Road Accident Fund.

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  • Insurance Advisory

    We add value beyond the traditional needs...

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  • Employee Benefits Solutions

    The team at AAC has in-depth experience and is highly competent in employee benefits in Africa and abroad.

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  • Agriculture Risk Solutions

    We analyze satellite-based weather data and develop various types of indices to insure production and post-production losses.

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  • Banking Risk Solutions

    The AAC team is experienced in both measuring and managing risk. Although they can't prevent irrational behaviour, actuarial and quantitative methods can help to mitigate its effect and reduce uncertainty.

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Employee Benefits



Welcome to African Actuarial Consultants

African Actuarial Consultants, or Team AAC, provides specialised, independent and objective advice to financial institutions across Africa. We offer our clients actuarial and advisory services that aim to deliver value beyond the traditional actuarial brief.

Our approach is to work with our clients as a team, learning about their needs and concerns so that we can tailor financial solutions to meet their personal circumstances. We aim to advise, inform and where necessary guide. We emphasize building solid long-term relationships with our clients, supported by regular visits. We believe that the better we know our clients and understand their business, the more we can add value to improve their bottom line.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be trusted and leading provider of actuarial and advisory services in Africa, in partnership with our clients.

Our Mission

To strengthen and grow financial institutions in Africa by providing high-quality services. We provide an environment where employees are trained and empowered to make a meaningful contribution to the value of our clients' business.
We are committed to maintaining high professional and ethical standards and we aim to be an employer of choice who allows for innovation and creativity.

Our Values

Our Team works according to the values below.

This underpins our approach to all clients.
This is shared by all our employees.
We disclose to our clients what we can and cannot do and are open about potential conflicts of interest.
We cultivate a strong sense of entrepreneurship in our employees so that they're able to identify opportunities in the markets in which our clients operate.
Excellent relationships
We aim to cultivate excellent relationships with clients, stakeholders and potential partners. We take time to listen and build open and interactive relationships with our clients to best understand their needs.
We're distinguished through using our creativity in bringing new ideas and strcutures to our clients

Our quality standards

We thoroughly review and check all our work. We have specialist consultants who perform the work, our head of consulting who plans and checks all the work, and qualified actuaries who review and sign off all actuarial work before it is sent to clients.

Our Clients

We have developed, implemented and reviewed models, methodologies and related processes based on actuarial principles, with a proven record of accomplishment of delivery, for the following client segments:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Agriculture
  • Accident and compensation
  • Funeral Assurance
  • General Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Banking
  • Public Sector
  • The wider financial services industry