Value driven Compliance

We are experienced in assisting companies to ensure compliance with current and everchanging regulations, including preparation for the implementation of changes in regulation. We assist insurers and pension institutions to develop and regularly review adequate written risk management policies that cover all aspects of risk faced by an institution. We have capacity to hold training sessions to prepare leadership and staff for the changes. By working hand-in-hand with clients and maintaining close communication with regulators, we can provide an independent review of clients readiness to regulatory changes. Our review and implementation experience allows us to assist in minimising the burden of regulation and related system and process changes, and to capitalise on the opportunities created.

We add value beyond the traditional brief through the following Insurance Advisory Services:

• Insurance Strategy
• Insurance Education and Research
• Insurance Process
• Internal and External Audit Advisory
• Insurance Deals
• Damages and Litigation Advisory
• Insurance Technology
• Actuarial Analytics
• Change and Transformation