• Insurance deals
We provide companies with assistance and due diligence assurance through the entire deal cycle based on a thorough understanding of: – liabilities – risks – business drivers – valuation standards We assist in capital raising, structuring, securitisation, financial reinsurance and other methods of raising efficient capital. We advise all companies on their financial implications of long-term employee benefit liabilities and how to manage and transfer these risks, including post-deal benefit implementation.

• Change and transformation
We have the experience and expertise to help clients modernise their actuarial, risk and other core functions. This includes bench-marking and transforming people, systems and the organisation against the clients’ actuarial and risk vision and industry best practice. We advise on ways to improve efficiency and deliveries, as well as helping people cope with change and project management.

• Damages and litigation advisory We provide actuarial calculations and advisory support in respect of accident and compensation claims. Our service includes: – loss of income calculations – future medical treatment costs – attendance of meetings, including court sessions as expert witness

• Internal and external audit advisory We provide technical support for a range of internal audit services to help the internal audit function achieve its full strategic potential. We provide outsourced, cosourced and specialist reviews of key control functions, risk control and mitigation across all risk categories, including: – market – credit – insurance – reinsurance – operational – business and asset liability mismatch

We also provide support for assurance and attest services, where our external audit support services are fully integrated with client audit and reserving support. This includes validating numbers, reviewing reserving requirements and advising on modifications and improvements.

• Data management and analytics Analytics is a decision science that makes use of statistics, programming and operations research to approach business problems with an eye to predicting and improving business performance. We focus on developing new insights and understanding business risk and performance, based on data and statistical methods. Some of our services relating to analytics and business intelligence include: – pricing – claims – collection – financial services – risk and credit – fraud – retail – supply chain – behavioral – loyalty programme